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Business intelligence

On-the-ground business intelligence and representation in Vietnam

Information gathering

The typical nation in S.E. Asia (if there is such a thing) has thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of years of history. Culminating in the incredibly complex Asian societies and cultures of today. The twentieth century was an especially tumultuous one for Vietnam – even by its standards – with the resulting power structure being key to how business and trade is done. Layers upon layers of bureaucracy, officials and people in the know. Who to trust? Many businesses have tried and failed to trade here, while others have embraced the business culture and thrived. Doing business in S.E. Asia will challenge your worldview and give you an experience unlike any other. Are you up for the adventure?

Risk mitigation

With great opportunity comes great risk. So while the rewards of successfully entering the Vietnamese market are extraordinary, Vietnam’s risk profile is high by most standards. Logistics, regulations, customs, taxes, bureaucracy, snap decisions by the government. Snakes around most corners, ladders some. Who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and who’s a friendly? Navigating through the labyrinth of Vietnam’s economy, system and culture is complex and must be done in person to an extent. Societal differences run deep and must be accounted for. Ignore cultural norms and sensitivities at your peril. Safeguarding intellectual property, ensuring the correct form has been completed and sent to the right person on the right day at the right time, staying alert to changes which might affect your business. We get into the weeds for our clients and protect their interests in this incredible land.

Opportunities and connection making

Is there something happening in Vietnam which would benefit your business from having a trusted representative attend in person? A grand opening in Hanoi or an industry conference in Saigon, a networking event in Da Nang. Whatever it is, we’re here, on-the-ground in Vietnam with a nationwide network of people on your side. We’ll make the introductions and connect you with the right people, representing your business as if it were our own.

Consumer preferences

Trends and preferences don’t just stumble along in Vietnam. They take off at breakneck speed until they either crash or become embedded in the culture. Benefit from our local knowledge and vast experience in sales and marketing. Whether it’s a focus group, registration and expression of interest seeking, or something else entirely. We have the contacts and ability to collect the information you need to know whether an opportunity exists for your business.

Social media and digital marketing

TikTok, Facebook, Zalo. Social media thrives in Vietnam like rice plots in the fertile terrain of the Mekong Delta. Influencers cultivate audiences and direct consumption toward products and services to incredible effect in the often unregulated and confusing but uber-powerful online ecosystem. Social media is the great pollinator of the people in Vietnam. Do it right and witness the swarm of new customers as your brand rings out. Rely on us to reach the right people through social media and/or influencers, to represent your brand online the Vietnamese way.

Dealing with differences

Many a bright-eyed company has entered the Vietnamese market, only to retreat – tail between legs – on encountering a business culture which tolerates business practices most Western business owners would find it hard to believe are permitted. China, Cambodia, Laos, France, the United States – the collective experience in Vietnam of foreign activity in the motherland is rich, with a view to the long-term – the bigger picture. Vietnam does not have the same regulatory bodies in business as New Zealand does, nor the safeguards and norms. It is a developing country, hungry for growth. ‘Developing’ does not mean uncivilised or inferior. ‘Hungry’ is an understatement, a cliché – ‘starving’, or ‘obsessed’ are more apt. And in the pursuit of tremendous growth, a high degree of risk – and indeed danger – in certain sectors, is accepted unreservedly. Entering the Vietnamese market without preparing for scenarios you might find incomprehensible in your own business environment is a sure fire way to learn the hard way what it takes to succeed commercially in a market which is making up for lost time. Contrary to some very simplified perceptions of S.E. Asian cultures in the West, warm smiles and seemingly permissive cultures do not mean that the substance and conviction of the people in the region is shallow or up for compromise; not everything is for sale. A small but significant portion of the Vietnamese business community take real pleasure in outwitting foreigners seeking easy money and cultural superiority in the motherland, relieving them of their own money in the process. Stakes are high in Vietnam. Come prepared. Prevention is the best cure. The majority of Vietnamese business people are wonderful, warm people. Take control of your business fortunes, don’t leave it to Lady Chance. We have the knowledge, networks, experience, thick skin and drive to deal with the hard stuff if we need to. But like you we prefer untainted, win-win success.

Other Asian markets

Specialists in Vietnam and Singapore, but everything and more required to open doors throughout Asia. Including, but not limited to Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar.


Solutions to match your business’ requirements. For brands with existing design resources, we will work with your designers to create a visual identity which fits the audience. For brands without we will work with you to arrive at a design solution befitting your situation. Our design chops are on display – simply browse our portfolio of recent projects. We have a small team of talented Vietnamese product designers, UI/UX designers, photographers and more.

Web development

Whatever the requirement, we can build it. See our portfolio of recent web development projects to understand our capabilities. Technologies we work with include Gatsby Headless CMS, WordPress and React. Blockchain development and crypto integration (ETH, Bitcoin, stable coin or other), NFT expertise and more.

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