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Australian Network on Disability

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A pleasure to work on, alongside the AND and several third party consultants. Once underway proper it progressed swiftly and we were thrilled to be able to launch it mid-November, 2021. One of the main features of the website is its adherence to the latest accessibility Web Standards, WCAG 2.1.


Mobile designs for a W3C accessible website


Being WCAG compliant means the website is able to be accessed, used and engaged with by a surprisingly large segment of the population who otherwise struggle to use the majority of websites on the internet. Due to difficulties with vision, hearing or impediments to learning. In the visual below, some of the stats around people in the workforce with disabilities are on display. From a human perspective, it makes sense to ensure as many people as people have access to your website’s content. From a commercial perspective it also makes sense, as it opens up a large new market of highly capable people to a business, both as customers and as employees. As has come into light during the labour shortage during the pandemic, people with disabilities are a wonderful but still untapped group of people willing and able to take on challenging jobs in the private sector. Which has made demand for the AND’s services higher than ever.


Accessible website design can also look great - being W3C compliant needn't affect the website visual appeal


Working alongside specialist consultants in Salesforce and WCAG compliance freed up our time to focus on the design and development of the website. Which was built in WordPress.


W3C accessible website design in 2022 - individual page design template examples for different screen sizes


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