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Baba House for the National University of Singapore

UX, web design and WordPress development


Web design
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Baba House is part of the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Centre for the Arts. It is a three storey townhouse built around 1895, the ancestral home of a Peranakan Chinese family. The interior setting takes visitors on an experiential trip into a Peranakan Chinese family home of the early 20th century. Designing and developing the Baba House website was 1 of 3 websites we were concurrently building for the NUS, launching all 3 in August 2019.



As 1 of the 3 NUS websites using similar layouts and logic, we used WordPress’ Multisite feature. Doing so means all 3 websites can be conveniently maintained within the 1 WordPress admin panel. It also enables interlinking the logic driving key functionality between the 3 websites. For instance, events in the What’s on section are managed and linked to the What’s on section in the main Centre for the Arts website (which we also designed and developed).



NUS brand guidelines are the foundation of the website’s styling, with our own interpretation of them to make the website unique.





We integrated forms with Gravity Forms using Ajax for speed, and in line with Singapore’s strict data protection regulations.



Baba House for the National University of Singapore is live, you can visit it here.

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