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Having strong social media company profiles is one of the keys to your business being perceived as reliable and up-to-date. In a complicated, competitive business environment price and quality are not enough – modern customers are looking for trust, safety, validation and emotion. Express your company’s personality and build rapport with your audience through your social media presence.

Social media audit, key vectors

By analysing your social media profiles and previous campaigns we can determine why for instance, low (or high) engagement, leads or awareness are present in your target groups. an output of a social media audit is a written brief of the key points needed to improve your social media presence.

What to post on social media?

Some of the most common questions about social media marketing are the simplest ones to answer. Exactly what should I be posting on Facebook and LinkedIn? Is Instagram worth the time and cost? What’s the deal with TikTok? Take advantage of our experience so you can focus on doing what you do best. Our two social media consultants have a combined total of 18 years experience of social marketing between them, are regular speakers and guest lecturers on the social media training circuit and ‘get’ business. We will give you the tools, knowledge and importantly – the confidence to put your nagging doubts to bed so you can go forth and post, knowing your sailing in the right direction.

Advertising on social media

Wasting money is bad enough. Wasting money on ineffective social media campaigns to subsidise Mark Zuckerberg’s quest to become immortal is a whole different level of bad. Tell us your target audience(s), your company goals, show us your previous ad activities and we’ll give you empathic, intelligent social media campaigns on Meta (Facebook, Instagram), LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok with clearly defined objectives, actionable insights and concrete results.

Remarketing works

If you’re into e-commerce then remarketing/retargeting is about the most potent ad type there is. It doesn’t mean stalking your customers around online with ads for the very product they just bought. Tracking limitations on some devices (like iOS) have made remarketing pretty well the be-all of getting bang for buck from social media marketing campaigns. Run smart and effective remarketing campaigns without wasting your ad budget.

It's a balancing act

Striking that delicate balance of being approachable without being patronising, kind without being condescending, honest without sounding gullible, serious without sounding cold, being yourself minus the mood swings, being engaging without coming off as a total sellout. Not rocket science, but not rudimentary either (or everyone would be doing it). Understand and get the confidence to do it yourself, or at least appreciate what goes into it so you know you’re getting value for money if you choose to engage a social media professional to do it for you.

LinkedIn marketing for B2B

LinkedIn is a great option for certain B2B marketing campaigns and connecting with other professionals. Done right, it can have transformational effects on a business’ reputation and bottom line.

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